Photographic Skills For Little Wonders

I saw a great potential in photography as a way to inspire new vision and new ideas. Based on that idea, I came up with a program called “Photographic Skills for Little Wonders.” The vision for the program is to meet the needs of the youth development process in the context of the overall community with a focus on developing creative and critical thinking. The key objectives for the program are to develop creative thinking while teaching youth basic photography skills, and to encourage them to get engaged in their communities.

As time passed while working on this project, with a focus to deliver the expected results, I could feel so proud in pursuing such a cause. It has been such a pleasant experience to learn while working with the Youth of Amman. Indeed there is so much to learn by working with Ammani communities. Every photo walk  gave us wide range of thoughts to capture surrounding stories, develop areas, collect souls of Al-Jabal, to draw smiles, to shout the lying opportunities to develop Amman, it is wide-spread wherever we were!

At last, the time came; we were done with pictures to share with the world. I can’t be more proud of such achievement. Participated students themselves never felt such an excitement after 8 months of hard work. Around 80 pictures were exhibited at Ruwwad day, 16th June 2012, all from Jabal Al-Nadtheif, pictures of people, streets, houses, nature and more. Among the visitors, portrait pictures were of common interest.

As a matter of fact, it was such a real pleasure working with the Youth of Jabal Al-Nadtheif. There is a lot reserved talent out there to explore. My sincere thanks go to students, Saja Naji, (16), Mohammad AlJamal, Ali Abu Rumman, Mohammad Hayel, Hamza Abu Tayeh (all 17) and their parents for their support. I also thank Ruwwad Jordan for their support. In the end, I can only say that I have observed reserves of talent, intelligence, developed creativity and communication skills in participated youth. This is enlightenment for the people whose vision is to develop our communities.

I am looking forward for increasing my input to expand such work and make it sustainable for the communities both inside and outside Amman. And for this, I am seeking help from NGO and Voluntary organizations support.


– Enjoy some of the pictures students captured during their journey!


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