We need #PEACE!

These are my views in wake of recent upsetting news of the harmful film and the US embassies attacks.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is fundamental to Muslims’ belief. He came for the whole humanity as a messenger of Allah and will remain as the last Prophet. Alike any other many Prophets from Adam to Ibrahim to Ismail to Isaac to Moses to Noah to Jesus, Muslims believe in him and love more than any other prophets. So there is no way that over 1.5 billions Muslims belief can be made a mockery. It is unacceptable and Muslims gets very disturbed and annoyed, as our second line in our prayers after Allah is Muhammad (pbuh).

Alike other Prophets, Prophet Muhammad also received divine revelations with certain Miracles for the humanity to accept these powers are divine as a sign. He was given special powers and permissions some of which are only for him and not for the whole humanity. His teachings along with Quran has been in practice since over 1400 yrs now and even the latest science and technology finds its revelations amazing the description from the structure of universe to geology to human nature, pregnancy stages, relations, economics, justice, homosexuality, marriage etc. Islam is a whole way of life – and its all about peace and peace. The interventions of Human made laws cannot provide long-term solutions and will not meet the human nature. In his life-time he experienced in practice and showed the solutions of problems, which are facing today.

Despite of having intellectual people around the world and in USA as well as well-knowing that we Muslims respect and love Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the US government and media and its allies keep using this sensitive element to depress Muslim communities in order to meet their own political agenda i.e. spreading their way of democracy and culture.

The recent statements from President Obama and Secretary Clinton are quite clear, they with their allies want to stick to their aims and objectives despite of saying we work together so that such things don’t happen again. They both talked about the protests turning into violence and demanded for its calm. This is ridiculous. Immediately, following the attacks in Libya they sent Marines and Warships, not only there but also across the Middle East in Sudan, Yemen etc. On one side they call for a peace, but on the other side they send Marines and Warships to kill millions for the coming years. People turn into violent because their leaders are PIMPS working on the orders of US and their allies.

From 9/11 to Iraq to Libya to Palestine to Sudan to Somalia whose troops are present? To date 911 is still a controversy; many scientists and professors have challenged US government. I think it has used this to access into all countries to spread its way of living and democracy by violence, force, buying media (telling one sided stories), spying and assassinating people. It is fighting with civilians all over the World how shameful it is? None of the Muslim countries have powerful army or technology, and all the Muslim rulers and leaders’ works are dictated and puppets by US and its allies. Rich countries always think its prosperity lies in Wars not Peace. If America thinks it is powerful it should spend its resources and money in its domestic problems, space research and become more rich and man of the Universe, but not spreading violence in poor countries!

Islam is a peaceful nation with all peaceful Muslims. They love their Allah, their Prophets and their people. Moreover as a Muslim, they have more responsibilities than a non-Muslim. On the day of judgement we will be asked how we dealt with our non-Muslims. They co-exit together, but Islam doesn’t encourage idolism or polytheism and also doesn’t insult. Muslims are hard-working and strive for prosperity. They feel as if they are lost due to NO proper leadership as the leaders are under the control of the westerns governments, they don’t take decisions on their own. This is depressing. On the one side they say freedom of speech and freedom of religion and on the other side they force to leave these things and accept their values. I think US should re-think where it is standing in its own domestic situation and re-work on foreign policy and let the Muslims live their lives in the Muslim world.


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