Women after Arab Spring

Women have shown great leadership in the past, are showing today and will continue to show. But they are being not recognized widely. By saying this, I am referring to the “Breaking glass: Strategies for tomorrow’s leaders” published by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, London. The document also highlights that “Women leaders work in different ways from men and can bring real competitive advantage”.

I think women have faced and are facing two main key challenges: “they have to compete in a male dominated environment” and maintain satisfactory “work-life” balance.

Proud to say that: they have met these challenges and have proven multi-tasking capabilities in dynamic environments. Have secured Board level careers and in parallel well maintained their families. Apart from politics, there are many traditional fields where women are talented these includes: arts, academia, healthcare, fashion, media, retail, IT, etc.

In the MENA region, I think Arab-Spring has already started showing its results as we see many conference are being held like the Global Thinkers Forum http://www.globalthinkersforum.org/  which I think one of the main steps towards change in future leadership.

It is also important to note that MENA region being part of Muslim world with Islam as its basis, women were liberated long-back 1400 years ago with all rights. Right to education, right to vote, right to own wealth, right to lead the sectors etc but there has never been a pro-active government to take these actively. In comparison to other parts of the World like in UK women were given basic right to vote or divorce or to own wealth some time in 1930s. So there are all good reasons for the MENA women to be proactive in showing their leadership.

Education of women is prime in Islam, in any Muslim family woman leads her family with her way of thinking and vision. Infact, her leadership skills starts from her home. She plays a multi-personality role; At every stage she develops her biological and mental personalities. This development makes her more capable to work with communities. I also would like to stress that women should also take the opportunity of mentoring the girls studying in schools in deprived areas.

My message to the women of MENA is: they have to be positive and just need to explore their passion in a subject, be true to themselves, develop self-confidence and gain support and mentoring.

The teachings of Islam liberated Women and have given full rights which are suitable for Women’s biology and psychology 1400 yrs ago. We need to find a platform to get together and we’re present everywhere.

– Part of my participation at the Global Thinkers Forum was an exhibition that shows women in Jordan, I tried to highlight many perspectives like working women who are doing their best behind the scene to survive their families, hereafter are some of the pictures:


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