Love on the Streets!

In the middle of all the tragic events in the tunnel of life we see daily, lies some light at the end. That stressful pressure we live in, and all the blood shedding we see wherever we go on social media, and in the streets of other countries, if not in our own neighborhood. Yet there is that light that comes at a totally unexpected moment that inspires us to smile, tells us that there’s hope. It is not as simple as it sounds, it takes more than just knowing that the light exists or seeing it, the power of this light lies in in its ability to inspire. Inspiration it is. The inspiration of the light of LOVE.

I will be sharing a series of posts entitled with love, that will highlight different love-involving events from our daily life. Here’s a selection of pictures I took of couples during my travels. I hope you like it!


Sidi Bou Saed, Tunisia


Copenhagen, Denmark


Humlebæk, Denmark


Amman, Jordan


Fredensborg, Denmark


Washington, DC – USA


Sidi Bou Saed, Tunisia


Alexandria, Egypt


Sidi Bou Saed, Tunisia


Amman, Jordan


Brooklyn Bridge, NYC


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