Lonely Man Walking Alone!

Lonely man walking alone!

As street photography is my greatest passion, I take pictures of any random person I meet who catches my eyes. I ended up having several collections of matched pictures that I captured in different times and countries. Recently I shared my “Love on the Streets!” collection where I captured couples in different parts of the world, during different seasons.

Today, I am introducing another collection entitled; “Lonely man walking alone!” which I didn’t realize I had until my friend; Ammar Asfour brought it up to me. One photo of a lonely man, after the other, I realized it is not just him pointing out lonely men in photos, it is also me who capture lonely men on the streets. Looking through my archive of photos I have captured, I noticed that I do own many captures of lonely men!

Loneliness isn’t always a choice, sometimes people don’t have any other option except walking alone. We don’t only walk alone in the streets, we walk alone in making new decisions, in excelling new careers, in leaving a country we called home, or in having to say goodbye to dear ones. There are millions of reasons, and I am sure every person I captured walking alone has a total different unique reason.

Are YOU walking alone? Share with me your story!


Tunis, Tunisia


Amman, Jordan


Amman, Jordan


Amman, Jordan


Al Salt, Jordan


Alexandria, Egypt


Amman, Jordan


Amman, Jordan


Amman, Jordan


Copenhagen, Denmark


Amman, Jordan

Times Square, NYC

Times Square, NYC


7 responses to “Lonely Man Walking Alone!

  1. Enjoyed reading your text, Rawan – and your pictures are of course inspiring. Not seeing the face of some of the people you captured makes me even more wonder at their lives. I appreciate how you grouped your pictures into relevant themes, keep going.

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