So close, no matter how far!

It has been two weeks since the death of my beloved father. It is very tough and hard and I can’t write about it.(I wish I can). But I would like to highlight some feelings I experienced recently.

As the title says “So close, no matter how far!” it applies from different perspectives. And I can only say that this title speaks for itself, and there could be no more eloquent summary for my feelings like it.
Feelings such as a connection between a close friend and I who didn’t leave me for a second no matter how many miles between us and how many contents we have to cross to reach each other. My friend, you know yourself, thank you for always being beside me, thank you for your endless prayers that I constantly feel them.

And other feelings like those you feel from beautiful souls, whom we only met once and we don’t talk that often but they never left us!
You also know yourself, thank you for everything, thank you for doing your best to make me smile and stay strong, by a simple lines into my
mail box, or by heart-felt gestures like a phone call.

This post is mostly a reflection for my own self. To remember, and to remind myself with some gems I came out with from this experience.
One big gem is that distance never got to me, and will never get to me. Because real friends always managed to reach me no matter what. And this experience that I have gone through recently helped me realize that not all whom I cherish are physically present around me. Regardless of the miles, I still found that person who made me feel warm in a place where so many cold hearts turned a blind eye to me.
Yes the support I received was as simple as an email, and as simple as a phone call. But they meant the world to me, because they were sent out of the heart, to the heart. Some are just creating distance when we are metres away, and some others are close. Very close no matter how far.


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